Despite Being New, Counsel Requests a Trial Date

During a status hearing Nov. 6, a newly appointed defense counsel requested a trial date despite only being on the case for less than a month. Edward Hampton Brown, 57, is charged with first -degree felony murder while armed and robbery while armed for his alleged involvement in the murder of Michael Mahoney, 71, on the 2300 block of 11th Street, NW on Feb. 5, 2018. Defense attorney, Kevin Mosley, requested that a trial date be set for late 2020 because he said he felt that since the prosecution had not offered a plea deal yet, he should prepare for trial. DC Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee granted Mosley’s request and set a trial date for Oct. 5, 2020. D.C. Witness previously reported that, Brown requested new counsel because his relationship with attorney Kevin Irving was not working. Judge Lee also asked Brown if he thought he could work well with Mosley. To which Brown answered yes. He also said that he would use the first day of trial to rule on the outstanding motions. Judge Lee gave Mosley until Jan. 3, 2020, to file motions and gave the prosecution until March 6, 2020, to file responses. Two prosecutors told the judge that they believe their case would last about six to seven days. A trial readiness hearing is scheduled on Sept. 11, 2020. Jaylin Hawkins wrote this article.