DNA Testing Inconclusive in Sexual Assault Case

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At a status hearing on March 30, a defendant waived his right to further DNA testing after the prosecution’s tests came back inconclusive.

The 46-year-old defendant is charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a patient/client during the course of treatment on June 10, 2019. He allegedly raped the victim during services offered at a micro-blading spa on the 3600 block of 16th Street, NW.

At the hearing, the prosecution stated that they had tested DNA evidence collected during a sexual assault medical examination and DNA from the defendant. The testing showed that there was no male DNA evidence on the victim’s cervix and that the male DNA found on other intimate areas on the victim was inconclusive. 

The defense then stated that the defendant wished to waive his rights to further DNA testing.

The next hearing is slated for Jan. 23, 2024.

Notifications are not yet available for this specific case. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.