Domestic Violence Defendant Pleads Guilty

A domestic violence defendant pleaded guilty to several felony crimes against three women. 

In an Aug. 4 hearing, the defendant pleaded guilty to unlawful disclosure, two counts of first-degree publication, 2 counts of stalking, and felony threats for crimes starting in 2018. 

According to the proffer of facts, the 25-year-old defendant sent explicit photos of his ex-girlfriend to numerous people through GroupMe, Instagram, Gmail, and Kik. The defendant also mailed the photos to his ex-girlfriend’s employer and sent numerous threatening messages to his ex-girlfriend and two other women. He also sent an email to a law enforcement officer at American University where he threatened two of the victims. 

DC Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz accepted the plea.  

Defense attorney, Kevin Mccants, requested that Jackson be sentenced under the Youth Rehabilitation Act. Judge Leibovitz is slated to consider the sentencing the defendant under the act during sentencing. 

McCants also asked that his client be released prior to sentencing. 

“They were idle threats,” McCants said. 

Judge Leibovitz denied the request for release, saying the defendant presents a danger to the community. 

The defendant’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 28.