Domestic Violence Defendant Sentenced for Laundromat Shooting

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A DC Superior Court judge sentenced a domestic violence defendant for shooting his girlfriend at a laundromat.

By the time Miles Sullivan was sentenced for attempted assault with a dangerous weapon on April 13, he had been detained at DC Jail for 10 months.

During the hearing, the prosecutor presented video footage from inside the laundromat. It showed the defendant repeatedly pointing a firearm toward his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time, before shooting her in the chest. A bystander sitting behind the defendant was holding a child when the incident took place.

Defense attorney Donald Dworsky said his client did not intend to fire his weapon.

Judge James Crowell described Sullivan’s behavior as extraordinarily violent, stressing the apparent calmness of the defendant as he left the scene and the trauma the children who witnessed the shooting were subjected to.

The prosecutor told Judge Crowell that the victim said Sullivan, who already has a firearm offense on his record, needs help with anger management.

The apologetic defendant said he takes full responsibility for his actions. He said his kids need him and he is fighting for mercy and freedom.

The prosecutor requested a two-year sentence. Dworsky asked Judge Crowell to impose a split 10-month sentence under the Youth Rehabilitation Act, which would allow his case to be sealed if he completes certain rehabilitative requirements.

Judge Crowell sentenced Sullivan to two years in prison followed by three years of supervised release. He denied the request to sentence the defendant under the YRA and ordered him to register as a gun offender. 

At the request of the defense, Judge Crowell agreed to recommend placement in a prison close to the Washington area.

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