Eyewitness Testifies About Stabbing in 2018 Murder Trial

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On Nov. 28, an eye witness testified in a 2018 murder trial in front of DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt.

Marquette Jordan, 32, is charged with second-degree murder while armed, assault, and carrying a dangerous weapon outside of a home or business with a prior felony, for his alleged connection to the fatal stabbing of 40-year-old Ivan Lynch on April 30, 2018 at the 900 block of 5th Street, SE.

According to the witness he had known Lynch and Jordan for a similar amount of time.

He said he was at a barbecue with his son, Lynch and Lynch’s kids during the day. Later, they dropped the kids off and went to pick up Jordan, a girl and her children to bring them to the witness’ mother’s apartment. He said the car ride was going fine until Jordan and Lynch began arguing, but the witness ignored it.

The witness said when they arrived at the apartment, Jordan got angry with the girl and said he would “whoop her a**.” In his testimony, the witness said Jordan swung at the girl and then Lynch approached trying to intervene. He saw Jordan and Lynch start fighting in the apartment and was yelling at Jordan to stop because he was the alleged aggressor.

According to the witness, he saw Jordan grab a knife and swing it three to four times at Lynch.

The witness became frightened and kicked everyone out of his apartment and called 911. He said, “I called 911 to make sure [Lynch] was ok.”

The prosecution showed body-worn camera footage from the police who arrived on the scene. Initially police officers handcuffed the witness but later released him.

After the canvassing of the scene, the witness was taken to the police station and said he initially didn’t tell the truth to detectives because he did not want to be involved with the case.

According to the witness, detectives mentioned his son’s murder, which occurred earlier in the year. The detectives compared his situation to that of Lynch’s family, and asked whether he would want to know who killed his son. That compelled him to tell detectives what happened. 

The prosecution showed video footage from the interview with the witness saying he saw Jordan with the knife and that he made stabbing motions towards Lynch. 

The prosecution asked if there is any doubt in the witnesses mind that Jordan killed Lynch and he responded, “no.”

Due to time constraints, the witness was unable to finish his testimony and will continue at the next date. 

Parties will reconvene Nov. 29.

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