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Our city’s homicide number says it all – 50 more murders this year than at the same time last year. 

But why? What is happening beyond the headlines? Other media focuses on click-bait content, “if it bleeds it leads,” but that does little to keep us informed.  And, good luck getting information from the city or the courts. 

This is where D.C. Witness steps in to fill the information gap, exposing the statistics behind violent crime in the nation’s capital and humanizing those statistics with the heartbreaking stories from the city’s murderous gun crime culture. 

It’s old-fashioned, but we do that with just the facts. Not opinion. 

This year we added the DC Victim Notification System, which sends direct updates on cases without the frustrating, and usually unsuccessful, search for information. It would seem something the city should do. But it doesn’t. So we did. 

We are committed to being your source for violent crime information in DC, so you can understand what’s going on in your community and hold Mayor Bowser, the new police chief and our courts accountable.  

Since we don’t pepper every post with requests for funding, nor take advertisements, we are asking for your generosity as the year winds down to help us continue keeping the information flowing into 2024. 

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