Homicide Defednant Requests Muslim Judge After Claiming Discrimination

A homicide defendant began a hearing on Nov. 17 by stating that he has been beaten while incarcerated. 

Marcus Barringer, 31, is charged with second-degree murder while armed in connection with the shooting of 32-year-old Rashad Davis on May 6 on the 2300 block of Nicholson Street, SE. 

 DC Superior Court Judge Okun presided over Thursday’s hearing, where Barringer said he wanted to show a piece of video evidence, but to only the judge. 

Judge Okun mentioned that he would have to show it to all parties if he wanted to present evidence. The defendant said the judge does not want to make any deals with him. 

He goes on to request a muslim judge due being discriminated against in the court hearing.  

The defendant previously requested to represent himself during a preliminary hearing in October when the defendant said he was dissatisfied with his lawyer. Judge Okun allowed Barringer to represent himself and ordered that Kevin Mosley remain as standby counsel. 

Later in the month, the defendant requested to withdraw Mosley from the case. In his place, Lisbeth Sapirstein was appointed as an attorney advisor.  

Barringer is scheduled for a mental observation hearing on Nov. 30.

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