Homicide Defendant Pleads Guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter

A homicide defendant accepted a plea agreement during a June 7 hearing before D.C. Superior Court Judge Marisa Demeo.

Lloyd Patterson-Ross, 21, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter while armed for his role in the shooting death of 30-year-old Dawann Tyrik Saunders on Nov. 23, 2021, on the 4600 block of South Capitol Street, SW. 

The sentence associated with the plea carries a range of 7.5 years to 9 years in prison. After the term, Patterson-Ross will also serve five years of supervised release.

The shooting was captured on surveillance cameras from inside and outside the convenience store, according to court documents. Patterson-Ross and Saunders are seen in an altercation with one another around several other individuals. At least two people in the group brandished handguns during the altercation.

According to the videos, the two men appeared to engage in a transaction inside the gas station that involved a bag with unknown contents.

Saunders allegedly attempted to escape but was shot multiple times by the defendant during the course of a foot chase. MPD officers located Saunders in the parking lot of the gas station across the street on the 4700 block of South Capitol Street, SE at approximately 10:30 p.m. 

Patterson-Ross was arrested on Dec. 20, 2021. He was initially charged with first-degree murder.

Judge Demeo approved Patterson-Ross’ defense lawyer Kevin Mostly request for his client be sentenced under the Youth Rehabilitation Act (YRA). The YRA allows for leniency regarding probation and prison terms in light of the defendant’s young age and lack of prior felony convictions.

The prosecution did not oppose the motion.

Patterson-Ross is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 12.