Homicide Trial Continues with 7 Witnesses Testifying

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A homicide trial resumed with seven witnesses called in to testify regarding their role in the DNA extraction of evidence.

Darnell Sterling, 57,  is charged with second-degree murder in the alleged murder of his girlfriend 34-year-old Olga Ooro on Sept.  17, 2020, on the 300 block of Massachusetts Ave, NW. 

During the trial on Sept. 15, the prosecutor called a series of witnesses who had a close relationship with Ooro. Each testified about her relationship with her son, her relationship with her son’s father, and her relationship with the defendant.

The majority of the day revolved around Ooro’s  son’s father, who was asked to testify regarding his past feelings and most recent feelings toward Ooro , her habitats, and her parenting style. 

After cross examination by both parties, it was revealed that her son’s father had a good relationship with Ooro, but he did not feel she had a ‘stable’ life. 

DC Superior Court Judge Maribeth Raffinan scheduled the trial to resume on Sept. 19.

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