Judge Cancels Trial Dates Following Defense Attorney’s Request to Withdraw

A DC Superior Court judge canceled a sex abuse defendant’s upcoming trial dates because he requested a new lawyer.

The 52-year-old defendant is charged with first-degree sexual abuse for allegedly breaking into a woman’s apartment on the 1000 block of North Capitol Street, NE, and sexually assaulting her in March. He had been scheduled to go to trial in January.

During the Dec. 6 hearing, defense attorney Madalyn Harvey said she thinks it’s in the defendant’s best interests that another lawyer represents him. Judge Milton Lee spoke with the defense about the reasoning for this outside of open court.

After the ex parte meeting, Judge Lee said there has been a breakdown in communication between Harvey and the defendant and he intends to grant Harvey’s request to withdraw. 

Judge Lee also cancelled the upcoming trial dates so that the defendant’s new attorney will have more time to get acquainted with the case. 

Parties are now slated to reconvene for an ascertainment of counsel hearing on Dec. 13.