Judge Cites ‘Seriousness’ of Shooting in Maintaining Release Conditions

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DC Superior Court Judge Jason Park denied a shooting defendant’s request to modify her release conditions based on the “seriousness” of the offense.

Diamond Early, 31, is charged with one count of assault while armed and one count of possession of a firearm during a crime of violence for her alleged involvement in a shooting which took place on July 31, 2023 on the 400 block of Kansas Avenue, NW.  

According to court documents, the victim told the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) that Early had “pushed her 6-year-old nephew hard in the face” as a response to a physical altercation between Early’s children and her own.

According to MPD’s report, the victim felt Early’s actions were “out of line” and confronted her. At that point Early allegedly shot and injured the victim. 

In an April 18 hearing, Early’s attorney, Antoni Jones, asked the court to remove Early’s GPS monitor, arguing she has been compliant since it was attached in November 2023. 

The prosecution stated that even though Early has been compliant, the monitor should stay on in the interest of public safety concerns. 

Judge Park denied the defendant’s request,  “Because of the seriousness of this case; that’s as far as I will go.”

During the hearing, parties alerted Judge Park they have been discussing plea negotiations since December 2023.

According to prosecution, the defense had made its latest counter offer to the plea the morning of the hearing.

As a result, the prosecution asked Judge Park for a continuance so they can review the proposal. 

“That’s fine, but let’s be done with this,” said Judge Park and he urged parties to come to a consensus for the next hearing.

The details of the plea offer were not specified during the hearing.

Parties are slated to return on May 8.

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