Judge Continues Hearing

A DC Superior Court judge continued a preliminary hearing for two defendants charged with armed carjacking and robbery while armed with a firearm.

On May 9, Keon Smith and Ja’cori Williams allegedly stole a dog and asked its owner to pay them $500 before they could return the dog. When the owner only provided $200, the two defendants pointed a gun at him and took his black Chevy Malibu. Surveillance footage showed them abandoning the vehicle at the intersection of Gainesville Street and Elvans Road, SE while being pursued by Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers.

Defense attorney Leo Alley said the victim was giving conflicting statements to the MPD.

Alley screened body camera footage showing an officer accusing the victim of lying about the time of day he initially reached out to the MPD about his dog being taken. The officer was heard saying “that’s a lie” to the complainant throughout the clip.

Alley also said the detective, who the prosecution called upon to testify, said he could not confirm Williams was among the two suspects involved in the case. Footage of the detective interviewing the victim did not show him and the victim mentioning a person that fit Williams’ description.

The detective said he could not identify Williams from a surveillance video that allegedly showed the two men abandoning the complainant’s vehicle. The detective said the video was too blurry.

A judge, who was presiding over the case on behalf of Judge Erik Christian, asked the defense to save their arguments for the next day.

The hearing is scheduled to continue on July 23.