Judge Continues Sentenced Shooting Defendant’s Probation

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A defense attorney pleaded for DC Superior Court Judge Jennifer Di Toro to continue a defendant’s probation despite violations for trying to stay with his mother.

James Young, 55, was previously sentenced for attempted robbery and carrying a pistol without a license outside home or place of business, in connection to an armed robbery and shooting incident that occurred at a WAWA on the 1200 block of Wisconsin Avenue, NW, on Aug. 30, 2022.

On June 15, 2023, Young pled guilty, and was transferred to his home state of Kentucky on probation after serving 24 months.

In an April 18 hearing, Young’s defense attorney, Joseph Fax, stated that Young was “in a persistent psychotic state” during the WAWA incident, since he was off his medications at the time.

Fax argued that the probation violations are due to Young attempting to sleep at his mother’s home in a retirement facility, but his criminal history was considered a safety issue.

Young is “bouncing between being homeless and sleeping where he’s not supposed to,” Fax said.

Fax added that Young is currently taking medication for his mental condition.

The prosecution argued that Young absconded from supervision, despite being aware of the seriousness of the crime, during which he was “walking around the street, and firing multiple times, while trying to grab as many cigarettes he could hold in his hands.”

While sympathizing with his mother’s situation, the prosecution requested that Young’s probation be revoked.

Judge Di Toro ruled that Young’s compliance with keeping up with mental health treatment is “the key to keeping him and the community safe.”

Judge Di Toro ruled to not revoke Young’s probation.

No further dates were scheduled. 

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