Judge Delays Sentencing for 2008 Homicide

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A DC Superior Court judge delayed a May 25 sentencing hearing for a murder case at the defense’s request. 

In February 2020, a jury found 34-year-old Mason Binion guilty of first-degree murder while armed in the 2008 shooting 21-year-old Michael Francis Taylor

Taylor was shot in the back of the head on the 600 block of Farragut Street, NW, on June 22, 2008, following a dispute over drug money. 

During the May 25 hearing, Quo Judkins said his client objects to going forward with the sentencing today. Judkins said she would be submitting a brief soon and asked Judge Marisa Demeo to rule on it before sentencing Binion. 

Judge Demeo agreed to the request. “Obviously this case has been around a long time, and the court will do everything it can to move this case forward,” she said. 

The defense asked Judge Demeo to hold the sentencing hearing in person.

Judge Demeo said the court was not yet setting in person sentencing hearings, but will begin doing so in the near future. 

A status hearing is scheduled for June 24. 

Brennan Fiske wrote this article. 

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