Judge Denies Motion For Mistrial As Jury is Deadlocked in Murder Trial

A DC Superior Court judge denied a motion for a mistrial after jurors were deadlocked, unable to reach an agreement. 

Metropolitan Police Department officers found 83-year-old Bobby Poole, Jr. bleeding from the head. Poole was brought to the hospital and later discharged on April 2, 2020. He was re-hospitalized a week later when a family member reported he was confused, could not balance on his feet and could not speak properly. The morning after he was released the second time on May 5, 2020, Poole was found dead at his residence.

Tyrone Williams, 52, was later charged with first-degree felony murder of a senior citizen and attempted robbery for an incident on March 29, 2020, in the 900 block of Eastern Avenue, NE. Williams’ trial began with opening arguments on May 16 and ended with closing arguments on May 26. The jury has been deliberating since May 31 and did not come out with a verdict as of June 6.

“We have voted six times and are at an impasse,” the jury wrote to D.C. Superior Court Judge Marisa Demeo.

“The jury deliberated longer than the testimonies and the case itself,” defense attorney Stephen Logerfo said. 

Logerfo and co-counsel Carrie Weletz presented an oral motion to declare a mistrial and restart Williams’ trial proceedings. Judge Demeo denied the request and sent jurors back into deliberations.

Williams is scheduled to appear in court next on June 7.

Williams was identified by police using surveillance footage. A second suspect, known only by the street name “DaDa”, was seen with Williams prior to the robbery attempt and remains at large, according to court documents.