Judge Denies Motion to Amend Shooting Defendant’s Release Conditions

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On Feb. 8, DC Superior Court Judge Erik Christian denied a shooting defendant’s request to amend her release conditions. 

Ni’jhae Curry, 33, was charged with one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, for her alleged involvement in a non-fatal shooting incident on Oct. 17, 2023, on the 900 block of Sycamore Drive, SE. No injuries were reported. 

According to court documents, Curry confessed to assaulting an individual and firing a gun at them. Curry stated she and the victim had a history of arguments that culminated in the shooting. 

She was released on Oct. 23, 2023, with an electronic monitoring device and a stay away order.

During the hearing on Feb. 8, Curry’s defense attorney, Jonathan Love, motioned for the removal of Curry’s ankle bracelet that monitors her location, citing its appearance was causing her difficulties in obtaining housing and employment.

Prosecutors opposed the motion, claiming that the GPS monitoring device provided protection for the victim against further violence from Curry.

“There has been no escalation. There has been a peace of sorts,” the prosecution said, citing Curry’s tracking.

Love argued that the device did not protect against chance encounters with the victim, or from the victim seeking Curry out. 

He claimed that this occurred on one instance where the victim came to Curry’s house while she was moving out. Instead of engaging, Curry went to stand by police officers until the victim left. 

Love argued that Curry proved to be compliant with the court’s orders and has given no indication of a change in behavior if the monitor is removed. 

Regardless, Judge Christian rejected the motion, stating that they would reconvene in 60 days to reevaluate.

The next conference is set for April 11.

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