Judge Denies Request for 2nd Competency Evaluation

DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun denies the defense’s request for a second competency evaluation for Joseph Melton. 

Melton, 53, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with intention to kill while armed, first-degree murder while armed, carrying a dangerous weapon outside a home or business (prior felony), and possession of a prohibited weapon. Melton’s connected to a double-stabbing and murder that occurred on Jan. 14, 2020. 

Melton refused to participate in the original evaluation so the results could not be presented in court. 

“I don’t need to talk to the psychiatrist,” Melton said. Okun cited Melton’s refusal to participate as the reason not to order a second evaluation. 

Melton’s counsel recently changed so defense attorney Kevin Mosley was not yet fully prepared. “Asking for this evaluation creates a weird dynamic that’s hard to navigate,” Mosley said of his relationship with Melton. 

The court set a trial date for April 24, 2023. 

Judge Okun scheduled a status hearing for Aug. 3.