Judge Denies Request for DNA Testing

A judge said prosecutors didn’t provide enough evidence to justify testing evidence for the defendant’s DNA.

Larry Dominique Brown, 33, is charged with second-degree murder while armed with a knife for his alleged role in the death of Derrick Wright on the 1300 block of Florida Avenue, NE on March 24. According to court documents, Wright, 33, was stabbed three times.

During the hearing on Feb. 8, prosecutors requested a DNA test. However, the defense said there was not enough reason for testing because the evidence could not prove that there was any contact between Wright and his assailant. 

DC Superior Court Judge Danya Dayson said the prosecution should continue investigating and work to retrieve DNA from the victim’s fingernails. 

According to court documents, surveillance video captured an altercation between two unknown individuals  near the scene of the crime. Witnesses said a man was seen carrying a thin black object and yelling “I love to kill, I love to kill.”

An unknown informant told police via the text-tip line that Brown was the assailant.

A status hearing is scheduled on April 29. A trial for Brown is set on Nov 18.

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