Judge Finds Child Sex Abuse Defendant Mentally Competent to Stand Trial

During a hearing on Aug. 2, DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee found a child sex abuse defendant mentally competent and denied the defendant’s request for new counsel. 

The 23-year-old defendant is charged with second-degree child sex abuse in connection to engaging in sexual contact with a 15-year-old victim on Jan. 26 on the 500 block of 42nd Street, NE. 

The defendant is also charged with assault with intent to commit third-degree sex abuse concerning a separate, unrelated case. The defendant is accused of wrapping his arms around the victim’s waist and holding her as he thrust his pelvis into her buttocks on Jan. 28 at the Shaw Howard Metro Station. 

During the mental observation hearing on Aug. 2, Judge Lee considered a report by the Department of Behavioral Health (DHS) regarding the defendant’s mental competency. He found the defendant competent to stand trial. 

Defense attorney Thomas Healy also informed Judge Lee of the defendant’s request for new counsel. Judge Lee denied the request. 

Throughout the proceeding, the defendant kept his head on the table and refused to acknowledge Judge Lee. 

“The only person you’re damaging is yourself,” Judge Lee told the defendant. “I can’t help you right now with you acting like this.” 

According to court documents, the victim was walking home from school when she noticed the defendant following her. The defendant allegedly asked the victim, “have you ever seen a grown man’s penis” and when the victim turned around, the defendant was exposed. The victim tripped over her book bag as she was running away and as she got up, the defendant grabbed her buttocks and asked if she wanted to do something. 

The defendant will be arraigned on all charges during his next court appearance scheduled for Sept. 1.