Judge Finds Enough Evidence to Bring Homicide Case to Trial

A DC Superior Court judge ruled that a homicide case had enough evidence to move to trial. 

Jerome Alexander is charged with first-degree murder while armed – felony murder (attempted robbery). The 26-year-old is accused of trying to rob and then shooting 28-year-old Richard Washington on the 3900 block Minnesota Avenue, NE on Dec 19, 2019. 

Judge Todd Edelman found substantial probability for first-degree murder. He also found probable cause for robbery. 

Judge Edelman said that even though the prosecution’s evidence suggests a robbery might have occurred, he was not convinced a jury would agree beyond a reasonable doubt that a robbery took place prior to the shooting. 

The prosecution presented several videos of a man following the victim, including one video showed the victim falling to the ground as bystanders ran away. The prosecution alleges that the defendant is the man who shot the victim in the video. 

“When you put [the video footage] altogether, it makes a pretty clear picture of what happened,” said Judge Edleman.

The prosecutor cited witness statements that describe Alexander’s unique appearance that day. According to the prosecution, the witness statements are corroborated by the video footage that shows a man in a long coat with light pants, shoulder-length hair and a skullcap. One of the witnesses identified the man as the defendant.

According to court documents, Washington was killed with a single gunshot to the chest. The bullet used in this homicide is blue in color. The prosecutor argued that Alexander’s Instagram showed a picture of him with blue bullets. 

The lead Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) detective in this case testified that he had never seen a blue bullet before. 

Defense Attorney Anthony Matthews argued his client may have been acting in self-defense because Washington tried to punch Alexander.

“There’s no evidence, in my view, that supports self-defense,” said Judge Edelman. 

Judge Edelman said the even if Washington did try to punch the defendant, Alexander’s reaction was excessive and the video footage appears to show Alexander following Washington.

Judge Edleman granted the prosecution’s request to hold the defendant, citing his previous history with firearms and the fact that Alexander was on supervised release when the murder occurred. 

Alexander’s next hearing is scheduled for March 29.

Maria Marzullo wrote this article.