Judge Finds Probable Cause for Murder Defendant

A DC Superior Court judge ruled that a murder case has enough evidence to go to trial, but he said it was a close call.

Davon Patterson is charged with first-degree murder while armed in the death of 46 year-old Bryant McClain, who was fatally shot June 8, 2019, on the 800 block of Crittenden Street, NW. Patterson, 29, was charged in March. 

The lead Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) detective was shown a video where multiple gunshots can be heard. Soon after, a person is seen running.

The detective said she believed that person to be the defendant.

The detective said multiple witnesses identified Patterson as the shooter. During a search of Patterson’s basement, police seized a glass valve containing PCP as well as two firearms found under his bed. 

During cross examination, defense attorney James King asked the detective if either of the firearms found under Patterson’s bed is the one connected with this crime. The detective said that neither of them was. 

However, one of the firearms was connected to a homicide that happened in Virginia. MPD did not interview the defendants who were arrested for that crime. 

Also, during cross examination, the detective said the passenger side of the window of McClain’s car was shattered with blood, the same blood was found in the car. No DNA or fingerprints came back as a match to Patterson. 

The prosecution argued that four different witnesses identify Patterson as the one who shot and killed McClain. 

However, King argued that Patterson’s identification is based on hearsay. 

“Witness four was looking to make a deal which is completely biased,” he said. “There is no other witness that corroborates what these witnesses say.” 

The prosecution said that between the four witness accounts, each gave substantial information about their knowledge of the defendant. 

“I agree with the defense that there are limitations to the identifications, but there are four people who identify the witness as the shooter,” Judge Robert Okun said. 

Due to the firearms found in Patterson’s house along with prior drug and weapon possession convictions, Judge Okun decided to keep Patterson held in DC Jail.