Judge Finds Probable Cause in First-Degree Murder Case

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On March 29, DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt found probable cause to charge Demonte Gibson, with first-degree premeditated murder.

Gibson, 26, allegedly shot 34-year-old Delonte King on Nov. 3, 2021, on the 2800 block of 14th Street, NW. 

Judge Brandt told the court that, “probable cause is a low standard, and one must reach the identities and evidence to claim it,” stating the prosecutors had done just that. 

According to the judge, the identity of the perpetrator was substantiated by a witness and the defendant himself. When Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers interviewed him he was shown an image of the individual and identified himself. 

MPD officers argued that the clothing the defendant was wearing at the time of the incident and the clothing he was seen wearing later that day were the same.

Judge Brandt said the video evidence of the shooting shows the individual wearing similar clothing walking across 14th Street, NW toward the intersection with Girard Street, NW. 

According to police accounts, the suspect  reached into his pants and retrieved an item. The suspect then appeared to shoot a gun. 

He is then seen meeting up with another suspect and running down 14th Street towards the 1400 block of Fairmont Street, NW, where the suspects are seen entering a building with masks on and exiting a few minutes later with the same clothing and no masks. 

Brandt explained that the prosecution had proven probable cause that he was the killer. 

After the judge’s ruling, Gibson’s defense attorneys requested he be released as he awaits next steps in the case, which was quickly opposed by the prosecutors.

Prosecutors stated that Gibson had been on release for previous charges and had several violations during his releases. The prosecution said they consider him a risk to the community due to the graveness of his actions. 

Judge Brandt rejected the defense’s request to have him released, stating, “he has a track record of not following his imposed conditions,” and she could not find conditions that would keep the community safe if he was to be released. 

Parties are expected back in court for a felony status conference hearing on May 26.

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