Judge finds probable cause to hold Robert Moses for the murder of Jamahri Sydnor

In a hearing Monday, Judge Puig-Lugo ruled enough probable cause exists to hold Robert Moses for allegedly taking part in the unintended killing of Jamahri Sydnor.

According to news reports, 17-year-old Jamahri Sydnor was driving through the Brentwood neighborhood on Aug. 10, when she was shot. Another adult male, who survived, was also found unconscious in the area with gunshot wounds. Sydnor was originally taken to the hospital in critical condition and died in the hospital two days later. Police arrested Phillip Carlos McDaniel for the murder, but had reasons to believe that others were involved.

On Oct. 27, 18-year-old Robert Moses was arrested and charged with first-degree-murder while armed. In Monday’s hearing prosecution asked that Judge Puig-Lugo find probable cause in his case due to evidence given by one of the witnesses and a picture of him with a gun. According to a witness, Moses had been involved in the shooting with two others and had shot nine rounds to the point where his gun was jammed. He then hid his gun under his seat and drove away with others that were involved.

Homicide detective Phillip McHugh testified in court that the same bullets found at the scene belonged to the type of gun found under the seat. The detective also said that the evidence found at the scene matched the story that the same witness had told the police. Other evidence included a picture of Moses holding a gun that was found in a Youtube video of him a few weeks after Moses was released from a misdemeanor case in July. Police believe that the shooting occurred because a member from a rival neighborhood had shot at Moses and the others earlier in August after a fight.

Moses’ attorney argued not enough probable cause existed, and asked he be released under supervision. Moses’ lawyer said that only one witness had substantial proof that Moses was directly involved, and the gun found under his seat was not the one responsible for the bullet that killed Sydnor.

After taking a brief intermission, Judge Puig-Lugo decided that he found probable cause that Moses should be held for the charges. According to the judge, the picture of Moses with the gun and the statements given by the witnesses were substantial evidence for his being held.

Robert Moses is currently being held without bail and is expected back in court for a felony status conference on Dec. 12.