Judge Grants Murder Defendant New Counselor

On Oct. 8, a murder defendant was appointed new counsel.  

Edward Hampton Brown, 57, is charged with first -degree felony murder while armed and robbery while armed for his alleged involvement in the murder of Michael Mahoney, 71, on the 2300 block of 11th Street, NW on Feb. 5, 2018.

DC Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee granted Brown’s request for new counsel. Kevin Mosley has been appointed to represent Brown in place of Kevin Irving

D.C Witness previously reported that Judge Lee granted Brown’s wish for new counsel because the relationship was not working.

Mosley said he needs proper time to go over all the evidence and information from prior counsel and any additional information from the prosecution. 

The prosecution said the timeframe did not change any factors of the case. The prosecutor requested to set a trial date. 

 According to court documents, surveillance footage captured Brown going to and leaving from Mahoney’s apartment the day before the murder. 

Judge Lee granted Mosley 30 days to bring himself up to speed with the case.  

A status hearing is scheduled on Nov. 6. A trial date is also expected to be set on this day.