Judge Holds Murder Defendant During Initial Hearing

During initial hearings on Feb. 9, DC Superior Court Judge Judith Pipe heard 13 new cases.

Of the 13 cases heard, one was a murder defendant and one was a domestic violence defendant.

Ronald Miller is one of the five defendants that Judge Pipe held. Miller, 41, is charged with second-degree murder while armed in the death of 28-year-old Tiffany Hardy.

Miller, who was reportedly in a romantic relationship with Hardy, allegedly stabbed her 40 times on Feb. 8 in their apartment on the 1600 block of E Street, NE.

Miller’s defense attorney, Anthony Matthews, requested that the judge not find probable cause, saying that Miller was clearly responding to Hardy in self defense.

He said his client had multiple stab wounds on his hands, which are consistent with self defense injuries. “Given all of that, it seems to make out a clear case of self defense on the part of Mr. Miller,” Matthews said.

However, the prosecution said Miller had the opportunity to tell the police about a self defense claim when he admitted to killing her, but he allegedly never did.

The judge said she agreed there is possibly a self defense claim since Hardy allegedly stabbed Miller first, but she said it is clear he used excessive force given the amount of stab wounds found on Hardy.

Judge Pipe ultimately decided to hold Miller since he has an aggravated assault conviction in DC and has a warrant out for his arrest in Virginia. Miller will be held until his next hearing, which is scheduled for March 3.

One additional domestic violence case was heard involving simple assault. The defendant, an adult woman, has no prior criminal history and was released with an order to stay away from the alleged victim and the location of the incident.

She is scheduled to return to court on July 13.