Judge Holds Murder Defendant During Presentments

A DC Superior Court judge held a homicide defendant and released ten domestic violence defendants during presentments on July 26. 

A total of 46 cases were presented before the court. 

Malachi McFarland, 21, is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting 29-year-old Kerry Odoms on April 15 on the 3300 block of 10th Place, SE. He was held without bond and will return to court on Aug. 16. 

Judge Judith Pipe released all ten defendants charged in domestic violence cases. Their charges include simple assault, unlawful entry, violating a civil protection order, threatening to injure or kidnap a person, threats to do bodily harm and destruction of property. Stay away orders were issued for all ten defendants. Two were put on GPS monitoring.

They are all scheduled to return to court on Nov. 8.

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