Judge Holds Murder Defendant

A DC Superior Court judge found probable cause for a defendant charged with first-degree murder.

On April 29, Ch’Juan Robinson, 23, allegedly shot Louis Kingsbury, 34, on the 200 block of New York Avenue, NW.

During the July 29 hearing, a detective showed still images captured from surveillance footage that showed a person, who the detective identified as Robinson,  fleeing the scene.

Defense attorney Dana Page said the detective did not convincingly identify the defendant.

“It’s unclear how he links the person in the stills to the one photoed sitting in the car,” said Page, referring to an image captured after Robinson was arrested by Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers that actually showed his face.

She also said that none of the four witnesses interviewed by the MPD actually saw the shooting. Page said the witnesses could not have known whether the person they saw fleeing actually produced the gunshots they heard.

The prosecution objected to the defense asking the detective about the origins of stitches found on the victim, which he acquired in a physical altercation with another individual a few weeks ago. 

But, Judge Julia McKenna allowed the questions, saying it may suggest the murder was perpetrated by someone other than Robinson.

The detective said the victim was cooperating with law enforcement to identify a street gang known as the “O Street Crew” in exchange for lessening his sentence for a drug-related offense. He said the defendant was affiliated with the gang and likely wanted to punish the victim.

“They are known to kill anyone who has snitched on them,” said the detective.

Judge McKenna said there was “overwhelming evidence” that a murder was committed. 

She denied a request for Robinson’s release, citing his history of gun-related offenses and the fact that he picked up his current case while on supervised release for a 2019 conviction of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Robinson’s next hearing is scheduled for Sept. 23.

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