Judge Holds Sex Abuse Defendant and Three Domestic Violence Defendants During Presentments

DC Superior Court Judge Sean Staples held a sexual abuse defendant and three out of seven domestic violence defendants at presentments on June 10. Thirty-five defendants were presented in total.  

One domestic violence defendant was held without bond for attempted second-degree cruelty to children. The judge called the nature of the case “quite disturbing” and cited the specifics of the case as reasoning for the hold. The court also cited the defendant having other open domestic abuse cases currently open. 

A domestic violence defendant was held due to previous case records. The current victim is the same victim as a pending case, raising concern that they may violate stay-away orders of release. 

The defendant is accused of texting the victim, “Hi boo, you looked good coming out on your balcony,” along with the simple assault and contempt charges for allegedly violating a current stay-away order. The defendant had also allegedly strangled the victim in a previous case, according to Judge Staples. 

Another domestic violence defendant was held because he has three convictions all involving the same complaining witness. In his new case, he is charged with second-degree theft, destruction of property and contempt for allegedly violating his stay-away order.

These held defendants are scheduled to appear in court on June 29.

The final defendant held was brought in on a bench warrant for failing to appear at his hearing in a pending case for which he is charged with first-degree child sex abuse. He is also being charged with felony contempt in a new case. Judge Staples said he believes the defendant to be a risk of flight, so he will be held until his next hearing, scheduled for July 9.

A domestic violence defendant was released due to COVID-19 related conditions. The defendant has a prior domestic violence case with the same person, and is charged with violating a Temporary Protection Order (TPO) and contempt. He was given a stay-away order which mirrors his current order in the pending case.

One of the last defendants of the day appeared over the phone due to wheelchair issues. They are charged with attempted threats, attempted possession of a prohibited weapon and simple assault. The defendant was given a stay-away order.

The final released defendant is charged with simple assault and was given a stay-away order from the complaining witness and location of the alleged incident. 

The released defendants are scheduled to return to court in December.

One domestic violence defendant is in the hospital and will appear in presentments once released.