Judge Holds Three Domestic Violence Defendants During Initial Hearings

During initial hearings on June 7, DC Superior Court Judge Shelly Mulkey held three out of seven domestic violence defendants.

In total, there were 27 defendants presented before the court. Seven of these cases were charged in domestic violence cases and two were charged with sex abuse cases.

Judge Mulkey held a woman who is charged with attempted threats to do bodily harm and contempt of court. The defendant began yelling and was removed from the hearing due to her behavior. The judge noted that the defendant was brought before her on May 10 and also had behavioral issues.

Since she was alleged to have violated a stay-away order in her pending domestic violence case, Judge Mulkey decided to hold the defendant pending her next hearing. She also ordered a forensic screening for the defendant.

A domestic violence defendant charged with attempted threats was also held. The defendant has one pending case and two cases for which he is on probation that all involve the same complaining witness.

Defense counsel requested that the judge not find probable cause, saying the alleged victim was apparently intoxicated at the time. Judge Mulkey did find probable cause, however, and decided to hold the defendant due to the number of cases all involving the same person.

The final defendant held is also charged with attempted threats. Defense counsel requested the judge not to find probable cause in this case, either, saying the alleged threats were made in front of the police, and they were not real threats as there was no intent behind them.

Judge Mulkey found probable cause in this case, as well. She said she found that he was likely to violate court conditions because he was on pretrial release in another pending domestic violence case at the time of his arrest.

All held defendants will return to court on June 22.

Judge Mulkey released an additional four domestic violence defendants. Their charges involve attempted second-degree cruelty to children, simple assault, destruction of property and second-degree theft.

Two of the defendants were given stay-away orders from the alleged victims, and two were given orders not to harass, assault, threaten or stalk (HATS) the alleged victims.

Finally, two sex abuse defendants were released by the judge. One of the defendants is charged with a new case involving sex abuse, and the other was brought in on two bench warrants for failing to appear at his hearings.

The domestic violence defendants will return to court on Dec. 13, and the sex abuse defendants will return to court on Sept. 9.