Judge Holds Three, Release Twenty-Six During Initial Hearings

On Dec. 10, DC Superior Court Judge Sean Staples held three defendants, released twenty-six, issued one bench warrant and continued one case during initial hearings.

George Miller, 26, is held on a charge of first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting and killing Elias Flores, 48, on Nov. 18 on the 1600 block of Olive Street, NE. Miller was arrested on Dec. 9. J

udge Staples said he “easily found” probable cause that Miller committed the crime in this case.

“I have a reason to believe that there are no conditions that would ensure the safety of the community in this case,” said Judge Staples about his decision to hold Miller.

Kareem Kargbo is held as a fugitive from justice for an underlying charge of homicide in Maryland. Kargbo also has a pending charge of possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device in DC, which he was released on. 

The Maryland authorities have three business days to retrieve him, unless they show cause for needing an extra three business days. If they fail to retrieve the defendant within the allotted time, he will be released, and another hearing will be scheduled for him in DC.

A domestic violence defendant is held on a charge of misdemeanor simple assault and violation of a Civil Protection Order (CPO). Judge Staples held him due to the severity of the alleged offense and the defendant’s failure to abide by the CPO. The defendant also allegedly committed the offense while on release for two ongoing misdemeanor cases. 

Of those released, ten defendants were charged with felonies. Two of those defendants were released into the High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP) with stay away orders. Of the eight other defendants, one was released with a no harassing, assaulting, threatening or stalking (HATS) order, and several were given stay away orders and orders not to possess or own any unregistered or unlawful firearms or ammunition. 

Three released defendants were charged with domestic violence offenses. They were all given stay away orders. One of the defendants is also charged as a fugitive from justice and was ordered to turn himself into the demanding authority. 

Nine of the released defendants were charged with misdemeanors, some of which were also given stay away orders. 

Four defendants were released as fugitives from justice with orders to turn themselves in to the demanding authorities.

One defendant failed to appear in court, despite the judge’s order. Judge Staples issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

One defendant charged with a felony is currently hospitalized and his initial hearing has been continued to Dec. 11.