Judge Orders New Competency Hearing for ‘Uncooperative’ Shooting Defendant

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DC Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz ordered a shooting suspect to cooperate with those administering a repeat mental exam during a Sept. 6 hearing.  

Andrew Parsons, 28, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon in connection with an incident that occurred on Aug. 9 on the 800 block of Southern Avenue, SE.  

According to court documents, Parsons got into an argument with a person he knew and shot him several times in the legs.  The injuries required a surgical repair.

When asked by officers of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to identify the suspect, the victim replied, “I know the code of the road… I ain’t never been no snitch.”  Surveillance footage at the scene ultimately led police to arrest Parsons.  

During the hearing Judge Leibovitz said Parsons was initially “not cooperative” with interviewers from the DC Department of Behavioral Health, and she ordered him to undergo a full mental competency evaluation to determine if he’s capable of standing trial.

Parsons’ attorney, Darryl Daniels II, said his client wants to cooperate but was suffering from short-term memory loss.

Judge Leibovitz told Parsons the longer it takes to do the mental screen, the longer it’s going to take to “get rolling” on the case.  She urged Parson to have a “full conversation with his doctor.”

Leibovitz set the next hearing in the case before DC Superior Court Judge Heidi Pasichow for Oct. 4.

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