Judge Raises Concern about DNA Consumption Issue

A judge voiced her concerns regarding DNA evidence testing.

Eliyas Aregahedne, 24, is charged with second-degree murder while armed for allegedly stabbing Margery Magill with a knife on the 400 block of Irving Street, NW, on Aug. 27, 2019.

DC Superior Court Judge Ronna Lee Beck said that there was a DNA consumption issue with the presumptive blood.

Judge Beck said t there could be possible consequences for the prosecution if they are not dutiful with how the DNA is preserved. She said that blood is different than touch DNA.

Judge Beck issued an order for the prosecution to provide the defense with information about any relevant DNA orders. She said the position needs a position to contest if the prosecution uses all of the available DNA material.

The prosecution said there was a lot of blood evidence, including three small samples.

Judge Beck advised the prosecution that she wants the lab to understand that if they are in a position to do so, they must try to preserve some of the blood so that the defense can test it if they choose to do so.

Defense counsel did not have anything to say.

A felony status conference is scheduled to occur on April 10.

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