Judge Relaxes Sex Abuse Defendant’s Pretrial Release Conditions

A DC Superior Court judge agreed to relax a domestic violence defendant’s pretrial release conditions in light of his compliance so far.

The defendant is accused of sexually abusing an underage family member. During his initial hearing in August 2020, a judge released him into the High Intensity Supervision Program. He was required to wear a GPS monitor and touch base with the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) on a weekly basis.

During a Feb. 7 hearing, defense attorney Leo Alley requested that the defendant only be required to check in with the PSA on a monthly basis. He pointed out that his client has not violated his release conditions or gotten re-arrested.

Since the defendant’s release is conditional on his compliance, the prosecutor suggested that the defendant complete check-ins weekly by phone.

Judge Marisa Demeo decided to grant Alley’s request to relax the release requirements. The defendant will now have to report to the PSA every month.

Parties are scheduled to reconvene for a status hearing on March 1. In the meantime, Alley mentioned that the prosecutor extended a plea offer, which he has not yet discussed with his client.

Makie Theodros wrote this article.