Judge Releases 4 Domestic Violence Defendants, Holds 3 During Initial Hearings

A DC Superior Court judge released four domestic violence defendants and held three others during initial hearings on June 21.

In total, 30 cases were brought before the court. All seven of the domestic violence defendants were charged in misdemeanor cases.

One of the held defendants was charged with attempted threats to do bodily harm. Judge Errol Arthur issued a stay away order from the victim in that case. 

Judge Arthur also held a defendant charged with contempt, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest as well as a defendant charged with contempt and simple assault. 

The held defendants are scheduled to return to court on July 6.

In one case, a domestic violence defendant was charged with simple assault and destruction of property less than $1,000 after having picked up those same charges last November. He is accused of assaulting the same victim in both cases. 

Judge Arthur placed him on GPS monitoring and allowed him to retrieve his belongings from the house in which he and the victim lived. He will be accompanied by a police escort. 

Judge Arthur also released another domestic violence defendant charged with assault. He ordered the defendant to Harass, Assault, Threaten or Stalk (HATS) the victim. 

The two other released defendants were both charged with simple assault. Judge Arthur gave them both stay away orders.

The released defendants are scheduled to return to court on Oct. 18.