Judge Releases Murder Defendant After Indictment

A DC Superior Court judge released Oct. 1 a murder defendant on personal recognizance after she was formally indicted for her alleged role in the fatal shooting of a man police found in a wooded area in 2017.

Shaniah Davis is charged with being an accessory after the fact.  According to the grand jury, Davis allegedly hid evidence and knowingly assisted John McRae with concealing the shooting of Marty McMillan on the 2600 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE.

McRae is charged with first-degree murder.

Court documents state that McMillan, 22, was reported missing in April of 2017. Nearly six months later, police found McMillan’s body wrapped in a floral comforter in Forestville, Md. During the investigation, McMillan’s family members told Metropolitan Police Department detectives that the decedent used a dating website to talk and meet with a woman who was supposedly in a relationship with McRae, 41, and another individual. It is unclear if the woman is Davis.

Initially, the woman said she didn’t know McMillan. However, in a later interview, the woman said she had sex with McMillan and admitted to being untruthful because she was scared for her safety.

The woman also told detectives that McRae came home early from work and found McMillan in her room, according to the documents. The woman said she heard gunshots from the room after McRae entered. Following the gunshots, the woman said McRae physically assaulted her and told her to clean up the area where the shooting occurred.

Davis is scheduled for a status hearing, along with McRae, on Nov. 2.  

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