Judge Releases Six Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Defendants During Presentments

A DC Superior Court judge released six misdemeanor domestic violence defendants during presentment hearings on Nov. 1. 

Judge Renee Raymond granted a request to hold a domestic violence defendant in his separate felony case, in which he is charged with second-degree burglary. In his domestic violence case, the defendant is charged with simple assault and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon.

Judge Raymond also presided over a bench warrant return hearing for a domestic violence defendant, who is charged with attempted threats to do bodily harm. The defendant missed a status hearing on Sept. 28 due to being incarcerated in Maryland. Judge Raymond released him on his promise to return to court for his next hearing.

The proceedings experienced delays. While waiting on a defendant, Judge Raymond told an officer, “we’re not going to sit up here waiting all day.”

“You can tell your officers we’re not sitting in C-10 all day waiting for somebody because he’s being interrogated at a station,” she said. “There’s no basis for holding him. Bring him to court. And not at 5 o’clock in the evening.”

By 6 p.m. the court had heard 25 of the 66 cases scheduled for the day. Judge Raymond asked a sergeant to speak with his supervisor about the experience.