Judge Replaces Defense Attorney Due to Conflict of Interest

During a status hearing on June 24, a judge said defense counsel for one of four co-defendants will be replaced because of a conflict of interest.

Charles Young, Steven Robin, Sean Mckenzie and Edward Brown face various charges for their alleged involvement in the shooting of Kenneth Poindexter on the 4900 block of D Street, SE on Jan. 20, 2018.

Young, 28,  and Robin, 23,  are charged with first-degree murder while armed with a firearm and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence. McKenzie, 22, and Brown, 19, are charged with first-degree murder, according to DC Courts. 

DC Superior Court Judge Todd Edelman addressed the conflict of interest issue for defense attorney Michael Madden, who represents Robin. Apparently, a witness for the case requested that Madden be removed. 

Judge Edelman said that if Robin went to trial with Madden, and a conviction was given at that trial, it wouldn’t be upheld since there is a ‘conflict of interest’ with a witness on the case.

In response to a possible delay in the trial, which is scheduled on Sept. 30, Young’s defense counsel, Ronald Resetarits, requested to sever his client from the other defendants. 

Resetarits said his client was ready to proceed to trial. Counsel for the other three defendants said their cases would not be ready in time for the September trial. 

Judge Edelman told Resetarits to file a motion to separate Young’s case from the other cases.

A status hearing for all four defendants is scheduled on July 9 to discuss next steps.

Brown and McKenzie are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on July 8.

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