Judge Reschedules Preliminary Hearing in Police Officer’s Child Sex Abuse Case

D.C Superior Court Judge Robert Okun set a new date for a preliminary hearing in a child sex abuse case involving a police officer. 

The defendant, 28, is charged with two counts of first-degree child sex abuse. The charges stem from multiple incidents, occurirng from Jan. 2020 and Sept. 2021, where the defendant allegedly sexually abused an 11-year old girl. 

According to prosecutors, the defendant, a former Metropolitan Police Department officer serving the First District, allegedly threatened the victim and her mother’s lives if they came forward with the allegations. 

Since the allegations, the defendant has been stripped of his police duties and placed on administrative leave. 

The defendant – who is currently in quarantine for COVID-19 – was not physically or virtually present for the hearing. 

For the preliminary hearing, the prosecution will present one witness: a MPD detective. As part of their testimony, the witness will adopt the affidavit specifying the allegations against the defendant. 

Defense attorney Steven Kirsch said he would present multiple individuals to testify to the defendant’s character for release arguments. 

The preliminary hearing is rescheduled for Aug. 17.