Judge Reschedules Sentencing in Sex Abuse Case

DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt rescheduled the sentencing in a case involving the sexual assault of a minor. 

Jerry Barton pleaded guilty on March 8 to one count of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. 

The sentencing was set to occur on Aug. 12 but couldn’t be completed as the court did not have results from a test to determine the defendant’s risk of committing another sexual offense.

“There are some issues that have come up that you just need to understand, so I don’t want to rush through that,” Judge Brandt said. 

Barton, who has been on pretrial release since Sept. 30, 2019, appeared in plainclothes in court.

At a previous hearing, the parties met in court and Judge Brandt ordered that the Court Services and Supervision Agency (CSOSA) conduct the test. Defense Attorney Anthony Matthews said he conducted a test on behalf of the defense, but CSOSA did not perform one for the court.

During Friday’s hearing, Matthews was dismissed as a result of a miscommunication. Defense Attorney Thomas Healy is slated to assume the role of Barton’s attorney. 

Judge Brandt set a status hearing on Aug. 24 in order for Barton and his new attorney to acquaint themselves with the case.