Judge Revokes Defendant’s Release in Two Cases

On Aug. 10, a DC Superior Court judge revoked an assault defendant’s pretrial release in two cases.

Marco Rinaldie, 50, is charged with simple assault for allegedly punching and kicking a victim at a bus stop on June 4 on K Street, NW. At the time of his arrest, he was on pretrial release for two other simple assault cases.

Parties discussed if Rinaldie’s most recent case had probable cause. The prosecution presented a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer who was involved in the case to testify to Rinaldie’s identification.

Defense attorney Brandi Harden argued that the witness had no firsthand information of the incident and that the complainant could have struck first.

Judge Ronna Beck determined that the case had probable cause.

Counsel also debated Rinaldie’s release in the two cases he picked up prior to the June 4 incident. The prosecution asked Judge Beck to hold Rinaldie due to his criminal history.

However, Harden requested her client’s release.

Judge Beck revoked Rinaldie’s release in his two previous assault cases, saying that he has three assault convictions that date back to the early 2000’s. She set a $100 cash bond for his recent case. 

Rinaldie will return to court on Oct. 14 to discuss the status of his case.

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