Judge Sentences Domestic Violence Defendant to Serve 18 Months

A DC Superior Court judge sentenced a domestic violence defendant for three charges.

Damion Thomas pleaded guilty to arson, threat to kidnap or injure a person and second-degree burglary in December 2019.

During the Sept. 27 hearing, Judge Todd Edelman sentenced the 24-year-old defendant to serve a total of 18 months.

For the arson charge, Thomas was sentenced to 66 months, 54 of which were suspended. For second-burglary, he was sentenced to 66 months, 48 of which were suspended. For threat to kidnap or injure a person, he was sentenced to six months.

The sentences will run concurrent. Thomas will also receive credit for time served. 

The sentences for the burglary and arson charges will be followed by two years of supervised probation. Conditions of his probation include a mental health screening and evaluation, drug testing, a stay away order, a requirement to obtain his GED, vocational training and 90 hours of community service.

Judge Edelman sentenced him under the Youth Rehabilitation Act (YRA), which will allow his case to be effectively sealed once he completes his requirements.

Judge Edelman also required Thomas to pay $3,308 in restitution for the damage he caused during the arson.