Judge Sentences Non-Fatal Shooting Defendant to Three Months Behind Bars

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On Nov. 29, DC Superior Court Judge Erik Christian sentenced Ivan Holmes to three months in prison and three years under supervised release. 

Holmes, 18, was originally charged with carrying a pistol without a license and unlawful discharge of a firearm for his involvement in a non-fatal shooting on the 1500 block of 1st Street SW on Aug. 18. No injuries were reported. 

On Sept. 25, Holmes agreed to a pre-indictment deal and pleaded guilty to all charges in exchange for prosecutors not seeking an indictment.

Defense counsel, Thomas Healy, spoke on behalf of his client at sentencing saying, “You know children panic, and he is young,” but that his client understands the “stunningly dangerous” aspects of the case. 

Healy asked for supervised release and sentencing under the Youth Rehabilitation Act, a rule that essentially removes the conviction if Holmes is successful with all sentencing requirements. 

Judge Christian interrupted Healy and spoke to the defendant saying, “But you know the difference between right and wrong.” Healy argued it was an in-the-moment “immature” decision with outside pressure from someone he trusted. 

Healy argued Holmes should be given “faith with guardrails” to meet the sentencing criteria while also keeping the community safe. 

In his own behalf, Holmes spoke for a lesser sentence stating his actions were “absurd and careless” and that he learned his lesson and hoped the judge would give him a second chance so he could “become a productive impact on the community.”

The prosecution noted Holmes has no adult criminal history, but as this is “incredibly serious conduct,” they requested a sentence of 12 months with a lengthy period of suspended sentence.  

Judge Christian sentenced Holmes to 24 months total, with all but three suspended. 

Holmes must complete 90 hours of community service within six months of his release, register as a gun offender, and comply with rehabilitation services. 

No follow-up hearing has been scheduled.

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