Judge Sets Trial Date in Double Homicide









During a status hearing April 8, a DC Superior Court Judge set a trial date for a double homicide.

Alonzo Lewis is charged with two counts of first-degree murder while armed, among other charges, for his alleged role in the deaths of 35-year-old Venius Badgett and 40-year-old Jaquon Helm on the Unit block of Galveston Street, SW in May of 2018.

After taking the prosecution and defenses’ availability into account, Judge Danya Dayson scheduled Lewis, 33, to go to trial on July 27, 2020. She also scheduled a trial readiness hearing on July 17, 2020.

During the hearing, Lewis’ defense attorney, John Fowler, notified the court he was missing some discovery evidence, including reports and information pertaining to witnesses and police officers. However, Fowler said he’s working with the prosecution to address the issue.

According to court documents, an 11-year-old witness said that Lewis’ romantic partner got into a physical altercation with Badgett before Helm pulled Badgett away. Another witness said Lewis shot both Badgett and Helm following the incident.

D.C. Witness previously reported that Helm and Badgett were married for six years and had five children, who were not harmed in the shooting.

Lewis is scheduled for a status hearing on July 19.

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