Judge Terminates Probation for 1 Defendant During Show Cause Hearings

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A DC Superior Court judge presided over 10 pretrial and probation show cause hearings on Oct. 19.

“The court attempted to get the defendant into compliance for six years,” Judge Julie Becker said before terminating a defendant’s probation as unsuccessful.

Rick Wilson was on probation for three misdemeanor cases, in which he was convicted of second-degree theft and a bail violation. 

The Court Services and Supervision Agency (CSOSA) said that Wilson, 56, was noncompliant with his release conditions for the last several months, noting that he had refused treatment and failed to appear for drug testing.

Defense attorney Rebecca Bloch mentioned Wilson had been frequenting a treatment center, and requested that his probation be terminated unsuccessfully, as he has not picked up a significant charge since 2017. Judge Becker granted the defense’s request.

Amari Johnson accepted a plea deal and was sentenced during his pretrial show cause hearing. Johnson, 20, was originally charged with possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device. As part of the deal with the prosecution, he pleaded guilty to attempted possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device.

Judge Becker sentenced the defendant to serve 15 days followed by one year of supervised probation.

She also ordered a study to see if Johnson was eligible to be sentenced under the Youth Rehabilitation Act (YRA), which would effectively seal his case once he completes his requirements. 

“I don’t want this to be a conviction that follows you for the rest of your life,” Judge Becker said. 

Robert Taylor was not present for his pretrial show cause hearing due to a re-arrest. 

Taylor, 55, is charged with unlawful entry, second-degree theft, bail violation and possession of an open container of alcohol. 

Judge Becker ordered the cases be continued, and scheduled the defendant’s next show cause hearing for Oct. 30.

Andre Wallace is charged with possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance while armed and unlawful possession of a firearm with a prior conviction. 

Wallace, 58, was released into home confinement in July. The following August, PSA recommended he be taken off supervision after he fell out of compliance. However, the judge gave him another chance and he has been compliant for the last 30 days.

Judge Becker scheduled another hearing for Nov. 12 to allow Wallace to continue his compliance. If he succeeds, his release conditions will be modified and he will be allowed to leave his home with a curfew.

Paul Nunnally is charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, unlawful possession of liquid PCP,  possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, attempted possession with intent to distribute and a bail violation. 

PSA reported that Nunnally, 27, has fallen back into compliance with his home confinement order. Therefore, Judge Becker discharged the hearing.

Edward Cowser is charged with attempted threats to do bodily harm, second-degree theft, attempted possession of a weapon, simple assault and shoplifting in four cases.

The prosecution requested the 43 year old’s release be revoked because he has not been reporting to his probation officer. 

However, the defense counsel noted that Cowser’s sister purchased him a phone and he has been reporting and leaving messages. Cowser said he has been working with a clinic to receive therapy and his medications. 

Because of this, Judge Becker discharged the hearing. 

Judge Becker continued Mark Turner’s case to give him another chance to fall into compliance with his release conditions. His next show cause hearing will be on Oct. 30.

Turner, 54, was charged with receiving stolen property. 

Judge Becker issued bench warrants for the arrests of Kelvin Brown, Zachary Birmingham, and Gregory Hawkins after they failed to appear in court.

Brown, 52, did not appear at his pretrial show cause hearing. He was charged with second degree theft. PSA reported that Brown had never engaged with the agency. Defense attorney Peter Wright mentioned he will request a medical alert should Brown be brought in on the warrant.

Birmingham, 34, did not appear at his pretrial show cause hearing. He was charged with unlawful entry. Birmingham is currently incarcerated in Florida, according to court officials.

Hawkins, 23, did not appear at his probation show cause hearing. He was charged with assault on a police officer and attempted robbery. Hawkins was deemed a loss of contact by CSOSA. Judge Becker set a $100 bond for his apprehension.

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