Jury Convicts Homicide Defendant in Stabbing of Lifelong Friend 

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A jury found a homicide defendant, charged with the murder of his lifelong friend, guilty of all charges before DC Superior Court Judge Michael O’Keefe on May 22. 

Aaron Jackson, 30, is charged with first-degree premeditated murder while armed and a felony of carrying a dangerous weapon for his involvement in the fatal stabbing of Damohn Gill, 27, on June 24, 2021 on the 3600 block of 22nd Street, SE.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors presented evidence, including surveillance footage and witness testimony, that depicted Jackson’s involvement in the incident. 

Most notably, Jackson’s mother testified to being at the scene and attempting to prevent Jackson from attacking Gill. However, she testified, she failed to do so and stepped away when Jackson demanded “Get the f*** off me,” right before lunging at Gill.

According to a doctor from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME), Gill sustained nine stab wounds, multiple of which could have caused his death. 

However, Jackson and his attorneys, Alvin Thomas and Wole Falodun, claimed Jackson acted in self defense, alleging that he was nervous and worried for his safety when confronted by Gill regarding him going to his mom’s neighborhood.

During his testimony, Jackson told the jury he was a victim of two shootings, in which he sustained multiple gunshot wounds, that were allegedly committed by Gill. 

When asked by prosecutors why he didn’t report Gill as the shooter, Jackson told them there were consequences to snitching.

Jackson also testified he had stabbed Gill, but insisted he was defending himself. 

According to Falodun, Gill had forbidden Jackson from going to his childhood neighborhood following his brother’s involvement as a witness in Gill’s previous criminal case.

On the day of the incident, Falodun claims, Gill asked Jackson “What the f*** are you doing here?” as he visited his mother.

Jackson, Falodun said, asked Gill for a pass to be back in the neighborhood. However, Gill allegedly responded “There are no passes. You’re about to die.”

Despite the argument of self-defense, the jury believed that prosecutors had proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Jackson had premeditated and deliberately murdered Gill.

Parties are slated to return Aug. 9 for sentencing. 

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