Jury Convicts Non-Fatal Shooting Defendant of Conspiracy

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On Nov. 6, a jury found a defendant guilty of three charges in a 2023 non-fatal shooting before DC Superior Court Judge Sean Staples.

Tiaquana Chandler, 42, was convicted of conspiracy, aggravated assault while armed and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence for her involvement in a shooting that took place March 28, in an apartment on the 3400 block of 13th Place, SE. The incident left one individual suffering from a gunshot wound. 

Chandler was acquitted of first degree burglary, assault with significant bodily injury while armed, soliciting a violent crime and an additional possession of a firearm during a crime of violence charge.

During the trial two witnesses, including the victim, gave testimony identifying Chandler and her son, Donnell Tucker, 27, as those responsible for the shooting and assault.

According to the victim, there was an argument between him and Chandler. After leaving the apartment, she returned with Tucker and they assaulted and shot the victim. The victim said it was Tucker who shot him and the other witness said she saw Tucker with the weapon.

According to prosecutors, under the law, Chandler was an aider and abetter, and can be found guilty of the actions taken by the shooter. The prosecutor said, “She put a person with a gun in that position,” referring to Tucker.

Chandler’s defense attorney, Thomas Healy, discussed the different levels of proof needed to convict someone of a crime. According to Healy, “This is a conspiracy case without a conspiracy”.

The defense argued that prosecutors did not provide enough evidence to prove that Chandler committed these crimes, “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Chandler will remain on release as she awaits sentencing which is scheduled for Jan. 12.

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