Lead Detective and Victim Testify in Shooting and Robbery Trial

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On Nov. 1, members of the jury heard from the lead detective and the victim regarding an April 2020 shooting and robbery incident.

Anthony Owens and George Belk, both 44, are charged with assault with intent to commit robbery while armed and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence for their alleged involvement in a shooting and robbery incident that occurred on April 15, 2020, on the 1300 block of Good Hope Road, SE. The incident left Owens and Belk with minor injuries.

The prosecution called a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) detective to testify.

According to the detective, there is an MPD surveillance camera at the intersection of 14th Street and T Street, SE, which faces the crime scene.

Prosecutors played video footage from the camera that they say shows a blue car on the left-hand side of the screen parked on 14th Street, across from Owen’s black van parked on the opposite side of the street.

The footage shows the robbery victim getting out of his car and walking across the street towards a restaurant on Good Hope Road while Owen’s van pulls away toward T Street.

According to court documents, Owen and Belk allegedly walked back towards the restaurant while the victim was still inside. When the victim walked back to his vehicle, Owen and Belk approached him on the sidewalk.

The detective identified Owens and Belk running after the victim as he is opening the door of his car and they attempt to rob him. According to the detective, they didn’t find a weapon on the victim.

During the struggle, the car door opens and it appears that Owens and Belk try to push the victim inside his car.

Later in the footage, an individual identified as “Mr. B,” walked to the right of the victim’s vehicle and apparently fired shots at Belk and Owens, which struck them both. After the shots were fired, “Mr. B” is seen fleeing the scene into an alleyway.

According to court documents, “Mr. B” and the victim know each other.

The video portrays Owens and Belk lying down towards the back left of the victim’s car. The victim appears to grab a firearm from the front of his car and fire shots at Owens and Belk, the detective describes seeing “muzzle flashes.”

The detective pointed out to the jury that the victim could be seen fleeing to the same alleyway as “Mr. B” did. According to the detective, “Mr. B” was never located. 

The detective also stated that during the victim’s interviews, he would rarely discuss “Mr. B,” and the MPD was unable to bring him in for questioning, even though they wanted to do so. 

Everald Thompson, Owen’s defense attorney, asked the detective if he made any sort of deal with the victim to try and bring in “Mr. B.”

The detective, said he does not have that authority.

Following the detective’s testimony, prosecutors called the victim to testify. 

On the morning of April 15, 2020, he went to get breakfast. He told the court that when he got out of his car and walked to the restaurant, he had to walk back because he forgot his money.

According to the victim, as he got to the door of his car, a man approached him from behind and was told to “give it up” while another individual held a firearm to his stomach and as another person appeared behind the victim simultaneously.

The victim claimed he heard gunshots as he opened his vehicle’s door.

Following the gunfire, the victim grabbed a gun from the inside of his car and fired in the previous direction of the would be robbers.

The victim stated that the individual who stepped in to help him and shot at the defendants was his “guardian angel”. 

The trial is set to resume Nov. 2. 

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