Man Sentenced for Series of Sexual Assaults in Capitol Hill Neighborhood Homes 

A DC Superior Court judge sentenced a Maryland man to 39 years in prison for a series of sexual assaults committed in 2016 against three men in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Bryant Webster broke into three homes and sexually assaulted the occupants over a 50-day period from mid-August to September 2016, according to the prosecution. The 38-year-old defendant was apprehended at the scene of the third attack. In July 2019, he pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree sexual abuse while armed and one count of second-degree sexual abuse.

One of the victims said he fell into “the darkest despair of my life” after the assault when given the opportunity to speak during the April 6 sentencing. 

“It’s terrifying to think that there are people, like the defendant, who are hunting human beings,” he said.

A prosecutor said Webser’s actions took an “incredible amount of premeditation.”  The second two victims were bound with duct tape and gagged with a t-shirt as they were assaulted at gunpoint, according to the prosecution.

The defendant previously tried to withdraw his guilty plea. According to court documents, Webster felt pressured to plead guilty after being shown photographic evidence the prosecution had against him one day before opening arguments were set to take place. The prosecution maintained they shared the photo with defense counsel more than a year before the guilty plea.

The requests to withdraw the plea were denied.

“He cannot be rehabilitated if he cannot take responsibility for his actions,” said Judge Marisa Demeo.

Webster was sentenced to 39 years in prison. After completing his sentence, he will remain on supervised release for the remainder of his lifetime. He must also register as a sex offender for life.