Man Turns Himself in Twice After Stabbing Pregnant Daughter’s Sexual Abuser

Huey Bandy, 51, was charged with first-degree murder, however Judge Robert Okun lowered the potential charge to second-degree-murder due to not enough probable cause for the former charge.

On June 6, Bandy was shown a video of his 18-year-old pregnant daughter being sexually abused. The next day, Bandy stabbed 60-year-old Orlando Murphy four times in the chest while yelling at him to leave his home.

Immediately following the stabbing, Bandy realized what he had done and turned himself in to the police. Not once but twice: the first time being rejected, then another time after making an appointment with the lead detective to come back in.

“I didn’t mean to kill him,” Bandy said during his interview with the detective. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

The courtroom was filled with family and community members, including a pastor at the Church Bandy attends.

Judge Okun said the strong community and family presence, as well as a small, nonviolent criminal record from 30 years ago, were both significant factors in his decision to release Bandy rather than hold him.

After being placed under the High Intensity Supervision Program with GPS monitoring, and given a standard curfew, Bandy will reside with his sister until further notice.

He was released following no reason for a flight risk for turning himself in nor being a danger to the community due to the unique situation of the crime that is extremely unlikely to happen again, the judge said.

Bandy’s next court date is a status hearing scheduled for Oct. 28.