Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Deadly Shooting at Construction Site

A Maryland man pleaded guilty to killing Elias Flores while he was working at a construction site in Deanwood.

On Nov. 18, 2020, police officers found Flores on the first floor of a house under construction on the 1600 block of Olive Street, NE. The 48-year-old had been shot in the head.

Less than a month later, George Miller was arrested and charged with first-degree murder while armed. During a March 14 hearing, the 27-year-old defendant pleaded down to second-degree murder while armed.

As part of the plea deal, parties agreed not to seek an upward or downward departure from the sentencing guidelines applicable to Miller.

A medical examiner reported Flores was shot once under his left eye—the bullet had traveled through the decedent’s brain and exited through the right side of his head, causing irreversible damage. A neurosurgeon declined to conduct surgery on Flores because of the risk of death but Flores was pronounced dead five days later on Nov. 23, according to court documents.

Video surveillance caught a man riding a “Jump” bike tapping on the window of a vehicle with a gun before leaving to a construction site and returning around the time of the shooting, which was deciphered by the medical examiner and confirmed by media footage. 

Detectives cross-referenced pictures and criminal records to identify and apprehend Miller, who worked at a plastic company a block away from the area of the shooting. Miller had allegedly stolen raw materials from the construction area after killing Flores.

DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun scheduled Miller to be sentenced on June 28. 

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